Lavender Essential Oil: The Surprising Health Benefits and Uses

Apr 20th 2022 by Viva Doria Admin

Lavender Essential Oil: The Surprising Health Benefits and Uses

Lavender oil has a pleasant, herbaceous, flowery perfume that relaxes the mind. essential lavender oil is one of the most widely used aromatic oils for its numerous cosmetic effects. Lavender oil has been used for millennia after being extracted from the lavender plant, mostly by steam distillation. It was used as an air freshener and for bathing by the Romans, and as a scent. The Egyptians also used Lavender oil for various purposes.

Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Here are some of the lavender essential oil benefits for your health

  • Respiratory Problems - Since organic lavender essential oil contains anti-inflammatory effects, it can treat respiratory problems such as throat infections, congestion, colds, and influenza. The lavender essential oil can also alleviate the symptoms of tonsillitis and tuberculosis. Lavender oil's capacity to decrease stress and boost your immune system aids in preventing a variety of respiratory ailments. You may either apply the organic lavender essential oil straight to your neck and chest or inhale it. However, if you are allergic to lavender oil, you should avoid it.
  • Aids Digestion – One of the best things about lavender oil is that it helps with your digestion. Lavender oil increases the release of digestive fluids, making it one of the greatest cures for stomach-related problems such as indigestion. The organic lavender essential oil's antibacterial properties eliminate the bad bacteria in the stomach without harming the beneficial bacteria. It can be used to treat various digestive issues, including constipation and gas. To relieve digestive problems, mix lavender oil with another oil, such as palm or canola oil, and apply it to the stomach. To add to lavender essential oil used for stomach pain, you can add a few drops of it to your bathwater.
  • Wound Healing - The lavender essential oil has a major impact on wound healing and plays a crucial role in reducing pain and treating wounds caused by burns, small cuts, or insect bites, thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfecting properties. This lavender essential oil assists in the healing of wounds, the prevention of skin infections, and treat allergic diseases, including rashes, stinging and scorching. Putting a mixture of lavender oil and filtered water to an injury can promote cell regeneration and speed up the healing process. Lavender extracts contain at least seven active compounds that stimulate skin regeneration and immunological function. Lavender oil also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal qualities, assisting with discomfort, inflammation, and burning.
  • Hair Growth - Lavender essential oil has many important nutrients, making it a one-stop solution for all your hair problems. The lavender essential oil for hair has antibacterial qualities. It promotes and enhances blood circulation in the hair follicles and prevents different hair infections and actively participates in collagen creation. It's very good for reviving lifeless, dull hair. The organic lavender essential oil can enhance hair structure, add gloss, and encourage hair growth when used regularly. It also precludes hair loss and early graying by effectively reducing stress. Lavender essential oil might be used to cure premature baldness and alopecia areata, a disorder in which hair is removed from part or all parts of the body because of its impact on hair development.
  • Stress & Anxiety - Organic essential lavender oil is well known for its atmosphere and relaxing properties, but it may also alleviate stress and anxiety. Lavender can relieve anxiety by altering the body's battle reaction, more than just a serene state of mind. The nervous system regulates heart rate, breathing rhythm, and hormone release, linked to stress and anxiety. By restoring a neutral condition, reducing the heart rate, lowering insulin levels, and calming the breath, lavender essential oil can assist in controlling these physiologic processes. Organic essential lavender oil has a lot of herbal extract and calming properties; thus, it boosts your mood and relieves tension. It has a critical role in psychological and emotional balance by regulating the stress hormone, which helps to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Improves Sleep - Organic lavender essential oil is regarded as a natural solution to enhance sleep quality, cure sleeplessness, and help with signs of restless and disrupted sleep, thanks to its relaxing and soothing qualities. Organic essential lavender oil is a safer alternative to sleeping pills for insomnia and other sleep problems, and it can help with sleep disturbances caused by allergy symptoms. Lavender oil not only increases sleep consistency but also stimulates sleep. Lavender oil helps calm down your body and mind; it functions as an anxiety reducer. Researchers who used scans to track sleep cycles discovered that lavender promotes relaxation and lowers the pulse and reduces the pain in muscles.

There are many different lavender essential oil uses. Lavender is a genuine essential oil offering many more health and cosmetic advantages than you may think.

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